Tackling gaps and mismatches in the field of higher education for architecture and urban planning while exploring and addressing discontinuities along the national borders in-between Romania, Hungary and Serbia

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Triplex Confinium

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Tamara Munteanu and Laura Tiron – Faculty of Architecture ”G.M. Cantacuzino” of Iași


A light intervention, with small constructions inserted at key points in the site, nicely woven with the vegetation. Their concentration on the borders would help bring together the lakes with the rest of the territory, while leaving the heart of the area mostly untouched.

History is present in a symbolic way, becoming a resource for the future and a memorable experience. The project bridges the past and the future. The jury particularly appreciated the open pavilion, a shelter that remains open to its surroundings and a beautiful interpretation of the vanished industrial buildings. Maybe art, already present in the city, is not the best attractor for the area; one could imagine that an interpretation center for the area’ ecosystem would be more fertile and also appropriate for the proposed architecture. It is to be feared that the open pavilion may be taken over by commercial activities. Jury Report