Tackling gaps and mismatches in the field of higher education for architecture and urban planning while exploring and addressing discontinuities along the national borders in-between Romania, Hungary and Serbia

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Triplex Confinium

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Jakab Loránd, Germán Péter Géza – Budapest University of Technology and Economics


”Jimbolia Together” covers a large part of the competition criteria. It values the concept of brick by the fact that it uses this material to build the chimney, but also by the fact that both the pontoon and the social space in the dried lake are made of pieces that mimic the shape of the brick. In this way, the initiative considers the cultural-industrial heritage by making a connection with the famous ceramic products factory from Jimbolia. The project does not reflect the multiethnic context of the locality, but the interventions seem to be well-fitted in the lake complex, although a problem could be the pontoon, which can disturb nature by its size, but which offers multifunctionality to the project and invites the inhabitants to enjoy an important resource: water. Also, using water as a natural mirror and alternating this element with brick-shaped concrete parts represents a great idea of how to use the dried lake. Jury Report