Tackling gaps and mismatches in the field of higher education for architecture and urban planning while exploring and addressing discontinuities along the national borders in-between Romania, Hungary and Serbia

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Babes-Bolyai University

As the largest and highest ranked university in Romania, Babeş-Bolyai University is best positioned to assure the successful completion of the project. UBB has a long-standing record in attracting and successfully delivering European projects, providing support and guidance for researchers through its Research Management, Center for International Cooperation and Erasmus+ offices. The material resources available at UBB, such as working spaces, libraries, laboratories, are another asset for the successful day-to-day operation of projects. The two key persons possess state-of-the-art methodological and theoretical skills. Norbert Petrovici has recently established an MA program in Complex Data Analysis and the Interdisciplinary Center of Data Science, being an accomplished statistician and well-versed in political economic analysis. Florin Faje complements these skills through his in-depth experience in qualitative data analysis (with a focus on Grounded Theory), ethnography, and archival research. At the conceptual level, Faje and Petrovici share a long-standing interest in regional transformation, history and social inequality, addressing these through the prism
of urban studies and quantitative analysis (Norbert) and theories of nation-state development and qualitative analysis (Florin). Both institutionally and in terms of human resources UBB provides the sociological and anthropological expertise required for the successful completion of the project. This complements the competences brought to the table by the architects, urbanists and journalists involved in the present endeavor.

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